Sportif Club Rides

The Sportif ride is a race-inspired group ride.  Riders form a tight group for maximum draft from the wind and for easy communication.  Group ride etiquette is a must!  This ride is targeted for road racers and fast recreational riders.  We recommended that new club members ride with the Sport group prior to joining the Sportif ride.  This ride normally includes one rest stop.

Ride Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays
Starting April
Start Location: Meet on Perennial Dr. just west of Tenth Line.
Departure Time: 8:55 am, 7:55 am from mid June to the end of August
Distance: 80 - 150 km
Average Speed: 29 - 35 km/hour

Ride Policies

  • All participants must be club members
  • Riders must have completed an OCA/CCA waiver and purchased insurance
  • All participants must wear a helmet
  • Riders who intend to turn back early must advise the ride leader
  • Every club member has a “duty of care” to every other member
  • It is every members responsibility to ensure their fellow rider is taken care of