About Us

Originally established in 1971 as a road racing team, The Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club (MBRC) is an incorporated, non-profit organization located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  The club is member run and funds its activities through annual membership dues and corporate sponsorships.

We are primarily a road riding club promoting group riding and road racing for recreation and competition.  We organize regular weekend group club rides, a special Learn to Race course for new riders, as well as other cycling and social activities.

Our racing team and its members compete in all categories in events throughout Ontario, Quebec, New York, and Pennsylvania.  The Club has enjoyed success at all levels of racing.

Mission Statement

The Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club is committed to:

  • Supporting its members in competitive cycling
  • Promoting cycling for health, recreation and transportation
  • Improving cycling safety and awareness
  • Advocating for the development and improvement of cycling facilities