Membership 2019

General Benefits

MBRC membership provides access to all of the club's programs including regular group riding opportunities.  Members can choose between the "Sport Ride" or the "Sportif Ride".  The Sport Ride is targeted towards intermediate level road riding abilities while the Sportif Ride is geared to those fast recreational riders who want a higher tempo ride.

Members have access to team clothing at favourable prices.  Items can be pre-ordered in the spring and limited inventories are available mid-season.

The Club's primary sponsor, Pedalinx Bike Shop also offers discounts to members.

Liability Insurance Coverage

Membership includes the Ontario Cycling Association's (OCA) comprehensive liability insurance coverage.  It provides coverage of possible legal costs and settlements arising out of participation in club activities.

Membership Fees

Adult Recreational $35.001
Adult Racing $75.002
Youth Recreational (18 and under)3 $20.001
Youth Racing (18 and under)3 $60.002

The cost of a membership DOES NOT include the mandatory Ontario Cycling Association membership
1OCA membership is included in all racing licenses, or it can be obtained with an OCA Affiliate Club Membership ($44).
2A Citizen Permit (minimum) or UCI Race License is required for a Racing Membership.
3Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during activities.
If you already have insurance via a Cycling Canada issued license, an OCA citizens permit or membership in another OCA affiliated club you can select that option during registration and avoid the OCA insurance charge.


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Membership Registration

Please note that you must create an account with CCN Bikes to register.

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