Learn to Ride & Race Course

This one day novice racing camp teaches participants all the necessary skills of bike handling and group riding that forms the basis for club rides and road racing.  We recommend that all new MBRC members participate in this course.

Date:  April 27th 2013*

Course Details:

  • bicycle fit/riding position
  • bicycle safety
  • pedaling efficiency
  • advanced braking
  • obstacle avoidance
  • bumping
  • following a wheel (drafting)
  • advanced cornering
  • paceline riding
  • single line echelons
  • double line echelons
  • riding in a pack

Required Equipment:

  • Road bicycle with drop handlebars (regular handlebars) in good working order
  • ANSI, Snell, or C.S.A. approved bicycle helmet
  • Warm clothing suitable for cycling
  • Bagged lunch or money to buy lunch (Snacks and water will be available during the course)

Course Location:

West Mississauga*

Adult $49.00
(Age 17-18)1

Includes the purchase of OCA insurance ($39).
If you already have insurance via a Cycling Canada issued license, an OCA citizens permit or membership in another OCA affiliated club you can select that option during registration and avoid the OCA insurance charge. MBRC membership is not required.
1Age on December 31, 2013. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during activities.
*Date and location subject to change.


Register online at CCN Bikes
Please select the Learn To Ride Category ($10). An insurance fee of $39 will be added to the total.

Please note that you must create an account with CCN Bikes to register.

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